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Titanium Tubing UK

Core Alloys UK are specialist suppliers of all grades and tolerances of titanium tubing.

Core Alloys are a supplier of titanium tubing to the UK with huge stock ready to dispatch, decades of experience and exclusive agency arrangements with world-leading mills.

We have the world’s largest stock of titanium products ready for immediate dispatch and all stock is certified European material that conforms to internationally approved standards.titanium tubing

By using Core Alloys you also benefit from our many decades of experience, our team have, between them, worked in engineering disciplines, including mechanical engineering, welding engineering, aerospace, defence and piping process design, mill technology and metallurgy.

This is important because it means we have worked on the types of projects we now supply to, we know what jobs entail and the absolute requirement for titanium tubing that is fit for purpose.

Titanium Tubing – Huge Range, Global Supply

We have seamless titanium tubes, welded tubes and more, in a huge range of sizes, grades and tolerances.

Listing an entire stocklist would not be practical on this page, instead please get in contact to discuss your bespoke requirements.

Please get in touch by calling +44 (0)161 789 2744 or using our online form. 

For many orders, we will have the required titanium tubing in stock and ready to dispatch anywhere in the UK, or indeed globally.

However, we also have exclusive agency agreements with world leading mills, this means that we can get your job prioritised, effectively we can jump the queue to get your titanium tube order processed and shipped to the UK.

Titanium Tubing – Exclusive Agreements

The mills we use are all world leading, again ensuring that the parts we ship can cope in the most demanding of settings. The suppliers we work with are world leaders in the fields of heat and corrosion resistant materials.

We are happy for you to have all material checked and verified by an independent inspection Body such as Bureau Veritas at cost.

Any titanium tubing can have secondary process applied, whether that is being cut to length, our service ensuring that you get the parts exactly as you need them – different packaging options are also available as we take part of every aspect of the logistics.

With unmatched stock levels, exclusive agency agreements and a combined 100 years’ experience, we offer an unmatched service when sourcing titanium tubes within the UK.

Please get in touch by calling +44 (0)161 789 2744 or using our online form. 


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