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Core Alloys UK are a leading global stockist and supplier of stainless steel tubing.

We supply customers, large or small, globally with stainless steel tube for many applications, from marine, petrochemical and aeronautical to defence, chemical, medical industries and more.

Stainless steel tubing
READY FOR SUPPLY: Stainless steel tubing from Core Alloys

We guarantee market-leading response times to your stainless steel tube enquiries along with equally fast supply of stainless steel tubing.

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Stainless Steel Stock and Supply

We stock and supply a wide range of stainless steel products to company buyers and people buying steel supplies for their customers, such as welded stainless steel round tube, welded stainless steel coil tube,  welded stainless steel pipe, seamless stainless steel tube in coil, seamless stainless steel tube in fixed lengths,  jacketed and insulated stainless steel tubing, stainless steel precision tubing and stainless steel square and rectangular tubing

Along with being able to meet your need for high quality stainless steel tubing FAST, we also offer secondary services such as stainless steel cutting and finishing, be that punching, drilling, pressing and more, so you get the tubing exactly how you want it.seamless stainless steel tube

We supply a wide array of stainless steel tubing sizes , materials and grades, along with many other stainless steel products like sheets and plates.

We carry most of what you need in our own central stock, but any time we can’t meet your requirements you still get fast fulfilment.

That’s due to the special relationship we enjoy with many of the world’s leading stainless steel tubing manufacturers.

Fast turnaround so there’s no hold up for you is what sets us apart: we are among the speediest suppliers of stainless steel tube around the globe.

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 Why Choose Core Alloys as your Stainless Steel Tube Supplier

We fulfill – FAST.

That’s the creed we live by at Core Alloys.welded round stainless steel tube

Time is a precious commodity, and when you need a supply of stainless steel tubing or have an enquiry about stainless steel tubes, we don’t think you should wait

So, a principal reason customers choose Core Alloys and continue to use us after their first delivery is we give you the right tubing products… when you need them.

We are also easy to deal with. This is because we understand you and your needs.

Experience and Know-how

We have vast experience and knowledge in the metal manufacturing and supply industry so are keenly sensitive to your needs, however technical or specialised they may be.square steel tubing

The strict requirements that come with supplying steel tubing to industries like Oil and Gas are second nature, as we supply EPC contractors worldwide.

Our knowledge prompted our partnerships with many leading and specialist stainless steel manufacturing mills in Europe and Asia enabling us to meet all of our clients’ requirements

Quality Steel Tubing

The materials found in our stainless steel tubing operate in some of the most aggressive and risky areas of industrial processing.jacketed steel tubes

Naturally, our metals only come from world leaders in heat and corrosion resistant materials or we would have gone out of business long ago.

Rest assured that all the steel tubes we supply come with a quality assurance and an ability to meet the highest level of integrity.

Global Suppliers

We have proven partners in our logistical supply chain, which means we fulfill your steel tube orders around the world exactly when you need them whether the supplies come from our central stock or are forward orders from our partner steel mills.


Our stainless steel tubing is available in the following grades: –

304 / 304L , 316/316L & 316/316L ( 2.5% min Moly ) , 316Ti , 317/317L , 321 , 347 , 904L ,  6Mo , ALLOY 600 , ALLOY 625 , ALLOY 825 , ALLOY C22 , ALLOY C276 , ALLOY 400 , and NICKEL 200

Welded Stainless Steel Tube Supply

At Core Alloys, we are fortunate to have the support of steel mills who are global leaders in the manufacture and production of welded stainless steel round tubing, which can be supplied as coil or fixed length.welded stainless steel tubing ready for supply

Tube sizes in coils range from 3.0mm – 25.0mm , and in straight lengths from 3.0mm – 76.0mm in a wide range of Stainless Steels and Nickel Alloys.

We have supplied welded steel tubes to countless industries including Food and Beverage, Automotive, Medical, Measurement and Instrumentation, Alternative Energy, Heat Exchanger, Fittings and Handrail.

We can provide you with welded rectangular and square stainless steel tube sections in imperial and standard metric sizes.

Bespoke Steel Tubing Supply – No Problem

If you or your customer need non-standard tube sizes, thin walled steel tubing or tight tolerance seamless or welded stainless steel tubing, we can offer this on a made to order basis from our mill partners on short lead delivery times.bespoke steel tubes

Tubes are offered in coil, straight and short pieces in many sizes and grades for use in numerous industries

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Knowledge Base: –

 What is Stainless Steel Tubing

Stainless steel tubing is incredibly versatile.  It is vastly superior to many other metals like copper for example due to being extremely resistant to things such as heat, weather, pressure and ageing. This is why it is used in a huge number of industries.  Similarly, there are a huge variety of stainless steel tubes available. They vary in their combination of alloys, influencing materials, grades and of course the size of the tubing needed will vary. The purpose that the tubes will be used for determines these factors.  And, paradoxically, not all tubes are tube-shaped! Stainless steel tubing, counter intuitively, is also available in both square and rectangular shapes and not solely circular shapes as ‘tubes’ implies. Many industries will require steel tubing that is hugely heat resistant, while others may require tubing that’s corrosive resistant. An example of the former might be steel tubes used in the missile industry which need to make from incredibly strong alloys.  As well as being used in highly intensive industries like oil and gas, stainless steel tubing is also found around the average home, showing how much this metal product has become integral to both industry and the home.


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