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Stainless Steel Products

Core Alloys UK offer a wide range of stainless steel products from our central stock or on a forward order basis from our reputable producing mills. This enables us to supply complete packages of all products on a small or large basis in any product, form or alloy.

There are four major types of Stainless Steels which are  – Austenitic which is the most commonly used grade, Ferritic which has similar properties to mild steels but with higher corrosion resistance, Austenitic – Ferritic (or commonly known as  Duplex)  which is very strong whilst being ductile and finally Martensitic which is strong and hard but with only moderate corrosion resistance.

Did you know that 50% of all new Stainless Steel production comes from re-melted Stainless Steel Scrap?

Stainless Steel Suppliers

When it comes to Stainless Steel Suppliers, Core Alloys is the supplier that you can trust offering Quality Products as standard from our World respected manufacturing partners and World Class Supply Chain.

We pride ourselves on meeting our customer’s requirements , delivering solutions for their demanding and specific requests.

Stainless Steel Slit Strip

In an extensive range of Stainless Steels , Core Alloys UK have become a leading supplier of narrow and slit to width strip in coil thanks to their Mill partners and their unrivalled experience in the market.

As well as supplying Stainless Steel Strip in coils we can also offer other processes if required such as Cut to length / Blanking , Polishing and Poly coating , with Paper interleaving on request and we can also offer the Strip with edges deburred and on certain sizes we can offer fully rounded edges.

Core Alloys UK also offer Stainless Steel strip Temper Rolled to specific hardness ranges on customer request and also Tension Levelled if flatness is a critical requirement.

To assist our customers in speeding up their production and cost saving whilst processing our strip we can offer Traverse Wound coils instead of the traditional Pancake coils which as they last longer when engaged in continual feed press production , reducing machine downtime.

Our Stainless Steel Strip is used in a wide range of industries including Automotive , Oil & Gas , Chemical , Medical , Marine plus many more.

Please visit our Stainless Steel Slit Strip page for more information on services and capacity , thicknesses / widths , hardness and VPN ranges , and of course available grades from stock.

Find out more about Core Alloys Stainless Steel Slit Strip products.

Stainless Steel Precision Strip

Core Alloys UK is supported by Europe’s leading supplier of spring steels and Stainless Steel Precision Strip in a wide range of Stainless Steels and Nickel Alloys.

We offer re-rolling of Strip material to tight Precision tolerances on width, thickness, tempers, surface and edge finishes from Mill Edge finish, Slit Edge , Deburred , Round Cornered edge, Rounded, Square edged or one edge Bevelled at a 45° / 30° starting for material 1000 N/mm² plus.

As with our Stainless Steel Strip our Precision Stainless Steel Strip and Foil can offered with various surface conditions and Polishing with Poly-coating and paper interleaving for protection.

Again the Precision strip is offered as Pancake or Traverse Wound coils packed on Pallets or enclosed in wooden crates

Find out more about Core Alloys Stainless Steel Precision products.

Stainless Steel Coil Plate and Flat Bar

Through our longstanding experience , knowledge and trusted contacts our supply chain spans worldwide and is truly impressive.

Back this up with our relationship with a Major Independent Stainless Steel Service Centre and we can offer Stainless Steel Coil Plate or sheet and Flat bars in Standard or Non Standard Lengths up to 20m in plate and 15m in Flat Bars.

Other services include De-coiling & Levelling , Shearing , Sheared Strips  Blanking , Rolled Edge Flat Bars , Polishing and Ink Jet Marking of materials for traceability.

If you visit our Stainless Steel Coil Plate and Flat Bar page you will find further information on Sizes , Thicknesses , Services and Grades we can offer to our customers.

Find out more about Core Alloys Stainless Steel Coil Plate and Flat Bar products.

Stainless Steel and Duplex Forged

These forged products come in the form of Bars , Rounds , Squares , Rectangles , Flats , Discs , Rings or Bushings in Stainless Steel and Duplex Grades , and also available in Nickel Alloys.

They are offered as Rough Forged or Machined complete depending on customer wishes from our first class European supply partners.

Available grades , sizes and information on product forms are displayed in more detail on the Stainless Steel and Duplex Forged page.

Find out more about Core Alloys Stainless Steel and Duplex Forged products.

For further information on any of our Stainless Steel Products please contact one of our Global Sales Team on  +44 (0) 161 789 2744.

Or alternatively contact us now or email your enquiry via [email protected]

Please be aware that Minimum Order Quantities may apply on Mill orders.


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