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Stainless Steel Dairy Tubes – Get fast global delivery now!

Core Alloys UK are a leading global stockist and supplier of stainless steel dairy tubes. We supply customers, large or small, globally with stainless steel dairy tubes.

At Core Alloys, we supply stainless steel dairy tubes to match any required specifications using fully certified European material.

In stock we have welded round tubes that have external diameters ranging from 3 to 76 millimetres and thicknesses from 0.1mm to 3mm. Lengths range between 1,000 and 26,000mm (1 to 26 metres).stainless steel dairy tubes

We also hold legal sales agencies with some of the world’s finest mills – this means that for the rare occasions when we do not have a required product in stock we can forward order it. The arrangements see our jobs prioritised, so turnaround time is minimised, effectively our jobs get to jump the queue at the mills.

There is further information about the stainless steel dairy tubes we stock on this site, but if you wish to contact us to discuss your requirements please call us on 0161 789 2744 or visit our Contact Page.

Stainless Steel Dairy Tubes – Why Choose Core Alloys

Given you searched for stainless steel dairy tubes you are likely to know exactly what you are after. At Core Alloys, we make it a smooth process, we provide parts to match exact specification quickly and at a competitive price.

We have huge experience, with more than 100 years’ combined experience in the metal manufacturing industry, this including staff who have years of experience in engineering disciplines such as mechanical engineering, welding engineering, metallurgy and many more relevant disciplines.

When you speak to us, you are not speaking to someone who has little feel for what you require, you are speaking to a person who is an expert in the field and so will have knowledge of what you require. This experience also means we can advise as required, helping you get the stainless steel dairy tubes that are perfect for your requirements.

You also need to work with a supplier who is proven to deliver. At Core Alloys, we work on projects where the integrity of supplied parts is essential, working with oil, gas and petrochemical industries worldwide. We provide stainless steel tubing that has to withstand the most demanding of conditions, we provide parts that meet the highest degree of integrity.

When it comes to dairy tubes, as with all our welded stainless steel round tubes, full quality control checks are undertaken. These include dimensional control, mechanical tests for hardness, traction, bend and flange and cleaning and visual checks. Further tests such as corrosion, metallographic, hydrostatic pressure control and pneumatic control can also be carried out.

On site, we can carry out secondary process including cutting to length and also finishing the tubing. Each tube is packed carefully individually and dispatched promptly.

Our experience, stock and agreements with world leading mills truly make us stand out among any company able to tubing to industry.

Please give us a call on 0161 789 2744 to discuss your requirements.


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