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Nickel Tube

Core Alloys UK are a leading global Nickel Tube Supplier. We supply customers, large or small, globally and have exclusive agreements with world-leading mills.

Core Alloys have a huge range of nickel tube in stock and also have exclusive agreements with world leading mills that ensure the fast turnaround of any bespoke requirements.

On this site, you can browse our nickel stocklist and use the filter to easily see all nickel tubing in stock. For all the products you can see details of the alloy, product form (for instance tubular, seamless, annealed) and the dimensions.nickel tube

The nickel tubes provided have outstanding corrosion and high temperature resistance and nickel’s versatility and ability to alloy with most metals makes it a superb product that can be used in a huge range of applications.

There are far too many products and variations of nickel tubing to talk through in detail on this page, instead we will provide links to the relevant pages.

Nickel Alloy Seamless Tube

These tubes are offered in lengths to match customer requirements, they are available on a forward order basis and can be shipped to your project in any location in the world.

We have ISO 9001 procedures in place to ensure consistent high quality and material test reports accompany every shipment.

Full technical specifications are available through the link above as well as quality certifications and testing abilities for his form of nickel tubing.

Industries we serve include aerospace and defence, alternative energy, shipbuilding, nuclear and more besides.

Copper Nickel seamless Tube

We partner with one of the world’s leading producers of copper-nickel tube and provide 90/10- and 70/30 copper-nickel alloy tubes.

These tubes are used heavily for seawater and marine applications, the exposure of the alloy to clean seawater builds a thin protective layer.

Further specification details for both types of this alloy are available via the link above. If you have any queries, please call our team on +44 (0)161 789 2744.

Non Standard Nickel Tubing

As the name implies, this covers a wide range of tubing used for a huge variety of purposes.

Further details are available Bia the link above, but with non standard tubing it is worth contacting us to discuss your bespoke requirements.

Why Consider Core Alloys for Nickel Tube?

We are, of course, not the only option for any client requiring nickel tubing, why should you consider our services?

We believe we have a number of key advantages.

At our base in Manchester, United Kingdom we have a huge range in stock and ready for fast dispatch, this dispatch and packaging in a manner that suits your requirements,

Our team is also vastly experienced, at Core Alloys there is more than 100 years combined experience in engineering disciplines, these including mechanical engineering, welding engineering, aerospace, defence and piping process design, mill technology and metallurgy.

This level of experience and specialism means we can advise on any project and ensure the parts delivered are fit for purpose, this because our team has worked on similar projects – they are experts in their field rather than simply picking orders with little knowledge as to what they do.

It is this level of expertise and the quality assured from ISO accreditation that has helped us to work with key industries and deliver nickel tubing and other metals and alloys for major projects for instance in oil, gas and petrochemical.

A further benefit of Core Alloys is that we hold exclusive agreements with many world leading mills. These ensure that our jobs for clients get prioritised, effectively we can jump the queue, getting quality parts delivered quickly.

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