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Nickel Alloy Tubing

Core Alloys UK are specialist suppliers of nickel alloy precision strip.

At Core Alloys UK, we are leading suppliers of high quality nickel alloy tubing.

Thanks to our partnerships with leading UK mills, we can ensure your jobs are prioritised, leading to unmatched turnaround rates. Our range of clients is also the best indicator of the quality of nickel alloy tubing we supply.

At Core Alloys, our ethos is to provide the very best quality, no matter the size of the job. We are as happy to work on the smallest of orders as we are huge contracts in the defence and medical industries.

We supply nickel alloy tubing both in the UK and globally, with clients ranging from aeronautical to defence to petrochemical and many, many more besides.

If you would like to discuss your requirements for any job, or want an obligation-free quote please call us on 0161 789 2744 or using our contact us form by following this link.


As you have read this far and perhaps arrived on this page after a search for ‘nickel alloy tubing’ or similar, we are going to go out on a limb and assume you don’t need a lengthy explanation of what nickel alloy tubes are.

You don’t need chapter and verse on the tubes’ resistance to corrosion and high temperature, or their impressive strength to weight ratio.

You are more interested in finding a supplier who can

  • provide high quality nickel alloy tubing
  • meet your deadlines, however tight
  • has a track record of delivering for clients, including those with the most demanding and exacting demands
  • offer a great product at a fair price
  • respond professionally to any queries

We have mentioned our fast turnaround time in this page because it is often a key consideration for clients. How do we achieve it though?

We have agreements and written contracts with leading mills which ensure our jobs get prioritised. That is a great position to be in, no first come, first served, no waiting in line – if we have a job with a fast turnaround demanded, it gets bumped to the front of the queue.nickel alloy tubing

However, often there is no need for us to use a mill – we have a vast array of nickel alloy tubing in stock and so can often source your job from our warehouse. Why not call us to discuss the specifics of your requirements?

Our state of the art facilities also enable us to carry out any secondary work, examples being punching, drilling and pressing – this helps ensure your order arrives exactly as you need it, without the need to then send it off for secondary work. Our ability to act as that one-stop shop again ensuring turnaround times are kept to an absolute minimum.

Another factor we believe makes us stand out is our list of clients and our vast experience.

We regularly serve industries such as oil and gas, industries where the parts have to be perfect, else the consequences could be catastrophic.

This level of quality and service isn’t reserved for these industries though, we bring it to every sector and every order – our reputation and with it our ongoing prosperity relies on us continually offering perfect service.

We hope that any company dealing with us finds the whole process of ordering nickel alloy tubing to suit their needs to be entirely straightforward. You need nickel alloy tubing, you need to find someone who can fulfil your requirements. We believe we can do just that and with a level of service no other UK company can match.

However, we know that there are plenty of other results when you enter ‘nickel alloy tubing’ into Google and you will want to weigh up a number of options.

To get a feel for whether Core Alloys can meet your exacting demands, please give us a call  today; we are more than happy to offer an obligation-free quote.

You can call us today on 0161 789 2744 or use our contact us form by following this link.


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