Stainless Steel Coil Plate and Flat Bar

Core Alloys UK Ltd offer prime Stainless Steel Coil Produced Plate, Sheared Strips and Blanks, and Sheared and Edge Rolled Flat Bar for shipment from the UK to Europe, USA, Middle East and Asia. Our facilities ensure you the maximum yield and minimum wastage on all your plate and flat bar requirements.


Our independent Stainless Steel Service Centre specialises in plate processing including de-coiling, levelling and shearing as well as Rolled Edge Flat Bar production.

Our UK based sales force take pride in providing quick response, excellent quality, reliable deliveries and competitive prices on both standard and non-standard sizes.

The following minimum order quantities apply:

  • Flat bar – 500kg
  • Flat bar polished – 500kg
  • Sheet/plate polished – 500kg
  • Plate – 1500kg

From extensive stainless steel coil stocks Core Alloys UK Ltd can shear Plate and Flat Bar up to 12mm thick:

  • Plates up to 20 m long x 2 m wide
  • Sheared Blanks 3 m long up to 12mm thick
  • Rolled Edge Flat Bars in lengths up to 15 m, widths 20mm to 200mm
  • Sheared Strip up to 500mm wide, 6 m long, 12mm thick

The whole facility is exclusively dedicated to the processing of stainless steel assuring no possibility of contamination from other metals.

Coil Produced Stainless Steel Plate

Hot Rolled No 1 Finish Cut to Length Plate, standard widths. Any combination of grade, thickness and length can be provided:

  • Non-standard widths are also available
  • Lengths: 900mm to 20 m
  • Test Certificates to EN10204/3.1 (formerly 3.1B)

Non-standard widths are also available:

  • Lengths: 900mm to 20 m
  • Test Certificates to EN10204/3.1 (formerly 3.1B)

Availability of standard thickness:

Rolled Edge Stainless Steel Flat Bar

Core Alloys UK Ltd material is recognised as the best in Europe for shape in terms of uniformity in flatness, straightness and lack of twist. Any combination of grade, size and length can be provided giving you the exact width and length you require.

  • Standard lengths 4m, 5m and 6m
  • Non-standard lengths up to 15m
  • Non-standard widths up to 200mm
  • Bespoke packaging or marking can be carried out to customers requirements
  • All bars are produced from hot rolled, fully annealed, and pickled coil
  • Further processing can be arranged to customers specifications including polishing, drilling, mitring and roll-forming
  • Test Certificates to EN10204/3.1 (formerly 3.1B)

Sheared Strip

Core Alloys UK Ltd offer Sheared strip. Produced on the state of the art Colgar shear it ensures there is minimal twist and provides a cost effective alternative to Sawn plate. Whether it be full sized plate, sheared strip, flat bar or sheared blanks.

We offer minimal wastage and maximum yield for all their hot rolled stainless steel requirements:

  • Thickness: Up to 12mm
  • Lengths: Up to 15000mm
  • Widths: 200mm and over

Sheared Blanks

  • Thickness: Up to 12mm
  • Lengths: Up to 3000mm

  • Widths: 20mm and 2000mm

Polishing of Rolled Edge Flat Bar, Sheared Strip and Plate

Core Alloys UK Ltd can offer all of our material polished.

Our plate polishing capacity extends to 10,500 Kg piece weight, 13 metres long and 5 metres wide. The finishes applied range from coarse ground right through to bright polish. Plates are pre-ground to remove the coarse surface and defects before being taken through to the finish required by the customer.

We also offer Bright and Super bright with superior quality highly reflective polished finishes. Exceptional polishes are applied to pieces up to 4m x 1.5m x 6mm thick.

Our ability to produce consistent, high quality finishes, backed up with certified measuring equipment where necessary.

Production Capacities

De-coiling and Levelling Line

  • Widths: 800mm to 2100mm
  • Thicknesses: 2.5mm to 12mm
  • Plate Lengths: 900mm to 20 m
  • Input coil weight: Up to 30 tonnes
  • Continuous ink jet marking to ensure full traceability

Automated Colgar Shear

  • Thickness: Up to 12mm
  • Lengths: Up to 6 m
  • Widths: Up to 500mm

Designed specifically for our mill and purpose built for high speed shearing, the Colgar heavy-duty automated shear has a unique feeding and handling system plus state of the art anti-torsion control. These features, combined with bespoke software controlling the process from start to finish ensure speed, accuracy and high quality.

Edge Rolling and Levelling Machines

  • Thicknesses: 3mm to 12mm
  • Widths: 20mm to 200mm
  • Lengths: Up to 6 m

Continuous ink jet marking to ensure full traceability of every bar produced. Load cell mounted packing line to ensure accurate despatch weights.


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