Nickel Alloy Sheet and Plate

Core Alloys UK Ltd offer Nickel Alloy sheet and plate from our UK stock or on forward order

We offer Nickel Alloy sheet and plate in the following size ranges:

  • From 1mm to 250mm thick
  • From 600mm to 3000mm wide
  • From 1000mm to 15000mm long

On request we can supply certain alloys up to 1000mm thick

Nickel Alloys available in the following grades:

Grade UNS ASTM/ASME Werkstoff
Alloy 400 N04400 B127 / B164 2.4360
Alloy 600 N06600 B168 / B166 2.4816
Alloy 625 N06625 B443 / B446 2.4856
Alloy 800H/HT N08811 B409 / B408 1.4876
Alloy 825 N08825 B424/ B425 2.4858

We can also offer this material:

  • Laser cut
  • Plasma cut
  • Water jet cut
  • High Definition plasma


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